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There is no doubt that moving is a stressful experience and we know that an international move can be particularly daunting. However, much of this stress can be alleviated when you use a professional overseas removals company. We can assist you with planning every step of your move, packing and wrapping your belongings, storage, vehicle transportation and pet travel. No matter where your new destination is, we put together a tailored, comprehensive plan to guide and support you through each step of your move.

During your move, you will be allocated a single point of contact who will keep you updated throughout the process. You will be able to contact your consultant at any time regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

With a global network of over 2000 international moving companies, we can confidently move you to the country and city of your choice.

We work with you from the initial planning to final implementation of your office move, allowing you to concentrate on the running of your business.​

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Your Overseas Moving Scene consultant will contact you to follow up on your quotation, assist you with your booking and answer any additional questions you may have. Once you have confirmed your contact details and finalised your move date, your consultant will send you a written confirmation of your booking.

Our aim is to ensure that everything progresses as planned and that you are happy with the service you are receiving. Your consultant is there to ensure that we meet your expectations at all times.

The first stage of the moving process will be to establish the volume of the goods you require to be shipped. You will then be provided with an obligation-free pre-move estimate. Our consultant will consider all your requirements and draw up a package of services to match your needs.

They will then draw up an inventory of all your belongings and provide you with a comprehensive quotation. Our consultants are highly trained and are able to handle any special requirements, questions or concerns you may have. It is rare that we will perform this consultation telephonically as we have expert staff located all over the country.

However, if for any reason we are unable to perform the survey in person, we will provide you with a login and password to a secure web portal where you will find a detailed pre-move survey form. Alternatively you could provide us with an inventory list, we can setup a virtual viewing or a personal consultation can be arranged at your residence.

Your move supervisor will ensure that your belongings are handled with the utmost care and consideration throughout your moving process. This includes:

  • The use of protective coverings to safeguard your possessions and your home.
  • Careful packing and loading of your goods into the moving vehicle or shipping container.

If you are unable to be present during your move, you will need to arrange for an authorised friend or family member to be present during the packing and loading process.

Your move supervisor will take a comprehensive inventory of all your belongings and record any existing damages. We suggest that you accompany the supervisor as they record the inventory and that you identify any items that will need special handling.

You will be required to sign the inventory of your belongings being loaded and their condition. The supervisor will sign the form as well and will provide you with a copy for your records. You may find this form useful when you reach your new home.

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